Black Voices Create

Black voices create culture, but they do so much more… Black voices create art, trends, movements, and most importantly, Black voices create change. But Black voices were and in many cases still are being suppressed on many social platforms. So we partnered with General Mills’ popular fruit snack Gushers to create a platform designed to elevate Black voices by turning their TikTok posts into fundraisers. The NAACP Youth & College Division started things off with a 200K donation, and our influencers raised another 200k with the engagement their videos inspired. Resulting in us breaking the TikTok algorithm and reaching our goal in record time.

Awards This Campaign Has Received So Far

  • Creative Direction
  • Social Strategy
  • Copywriting
Awards & Mentions
  • FOMNA – Best Engagement Strategy
  • MMA Smarties – Silver Social Good
  • MMA Smarties – Silver Multi Cultural
  • MMA Smarties – Bronze Mobile Social
Gushers & Fruit by the Foot



I’ve partnered with @therealgushers and @fruitbythefoot to show you how #BlackVoicesCreate !!! #ad

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Want to see an action for change? @therealgushers and @fruitbythefoot have partnered with me to help bring awareness of how #BlackVoicesCreate #ad

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I’ve teamed up with @therealgushers and @fruitbythefoot to show you all how #blackvoicescreate ✊🏾#ad #blacklivesmatter

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So excited to partner with @therealgushers and @fruitbythefoot to show you the powerful things that #blackvoicescreate #ad

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