the Culture

I partnered with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee to name and brand their new urban radio station, HYFIN. Just the sixth in the country, the station launched Juneteenth this year. A hyphen is a connector. It is something that bridges gaps between words or parts of words, uniting them together. When branding HYFIN, I dug into and helped identify the station’s core insight and purpose: to act as a bond between multiple styles of Black music, connecting the culture.

The name also represents the many identities within our community. Like the music HYFIN plays, our community cannot fit neatly into a single box. We are artists-mothers-dancers and friends-foodies-gamers. But, rather than trying to find a name that encapsulates all of the hopes we laid out for the channel, we embraced an identity that emphasizes the multitude and magnitude of the Black experience.

If you would like to listen to HYFIN or donate please visit HYFIN.ORG