ACD by Day,

CEO by Night

I'm a multi-hyphenate with 17 years of experience helping brands become more culturally relevant and socially conscious. I'm passionate about crafting stories for brands that live in print, digitally on social media, and in real life. Building experiences that move communities to act is always the goal.

I've learned, the busier I am, the better, so at night I roll up my sleeves as CEO of Chasing the Dream Records. My business partner and I have implemented robust social media and marketing strategies, built fruitful relationships with brands and established musicians.

DeChazier designed a series of covers for a singles series (music) my collective, The Honor Roll was dropping in 2009/2010. The aesthetics he developed for the releases were unlike anything that was out in the market. Working with him was a seamless experience as well, as he made sure our input was addressed as well as keeping the lines of communication are open as professionally possible.

I often think about how much I'd like to work with DeChazier when the music drums back up, and hopefully, we can make more magic together. He's personable and professional in equal fashion and knows how to create some really dynamic work.

Mike BakerSenior Creative at TBWAMedia Arts Labe

I first knew of DeChazier over 15 years ago, and looked up to him as a designer, thinker and creator even then under his moniker Black-Marmalade. The work was graphic, powerful and thoughtful. Since then, he’s created a number of platforms for the culture and community, and grown to be a creative leader, all while staying grounded and continuing a prolific creative practice.

Adam R. GarciaApple Music

DeChazier (D) is a rare talent. Equal parts design history nerd, forward-thinking modern painter and cultural commentator. He brings an infectious energy to any project that engages his clients motivates his teams.

Besides being an incredible asset to a design team, he’s a pleasure to be around. A character and joy follows D to the studio that echoes the work he makes. He’s experienced and dependable. He’s excited to teach and learn. And he’ll put you on to all kinds of cool music. I hope to work with him again soon.

James SmallsInteraction Design, IDEO

Immensely talented. Passionate. Great Team Player. Great Leader. Compassionate Community Member. These are a few of the things i'd say about DeChazier. We've stayed in close contact since D was a student at MIAD and he's been doing amazing things just like he did at school! D has boundless energy and great follow through. He's a master of ideas and form. He knows how to connect with an audience with concepts that really work and look beautiful at the same time. Nothing but high praise for this wonderful person!

Dale ShidlerVice President of Academic Affairs, MIAD