We Built Our Own

I started Chasing the Dream with my business partner and artist Troy Tyler because there just weren’t any labels in town that we felt fit with our vision of what a record label should be. We rolled our sleeves up and got to work. Now, almost four years later, our hard work is paying off. We’ve partnered with another up-and-coming label, appeared on the NPR Rick Ross Tiny Desk, and had studio sessions and meetings with some of R&B’s elite. It’s safe to say we’re on our way toward our goal; building a label that puts the artist first and allows time and space for growth and expression.

More than music.

It’s one of the things that helps our label standout in a crowded market. It’s our release strategies, our album art, our merchandise.
We don’t merely drop music and hope people listen; we create environments that encourage engagement and welcome interaction with fans.